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The power to be paid when you (really) need it.

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More flexibility means more committed, more loyal employees

On-demand salary payments: make your business more attractive
The power of flexibility: for fulfilled, engaged, and loyal employees
Automated management of salary advances: precious time saved
Less stress at the end of the month: take action for your employees’ wellness
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Simplify your employees' lives without complicating those of your HR Team.

More flexibility,
less financial stress.

Instant salary advance transfer.

7 seconds and it's done, without having to justify yourself

Less stress at the end of the month.

An intuitive plan that helps you stay positive

Better budget management.

Avoid credit and overdrafts.

A solution that saves time and money and retains talent.

Your employees won't want to leave your company!

of turnover
*on average, calculated across all our clients

And as much time saved for new projects.

of HR process
*on average per month, for a company with 1000 employees)

Their wallets will
say "thank you"

in savings
*per year, on average for our users

You work hard to recruit your employees, we work hard to help you keep them.


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What is the maximum amount of an advance payment?

The amount requested by an employee must correspond, at most, to 50% of the monthly salary. For example, an employee earning 1,800 euros could request an advance payment of up to 900 euros on the 15th of the month.

Can my company refuse an salary advance request?

If a request for an advance payment is made after the 15th of the month, if the amount does not exceed 50% of the monthly salary, and if it is the first request of the month, then the company cannot refuse the employee's request. In accordance with article L3242-1 of the French Labor Code, this is a right common to all employees, which the employer may not refuse.

How does an salary advance payment work with Rosaly?

With Rosaly, you'll have a lot more flexibility when it comes to paying on account. It can be made in a matter of seconds from the application, in complete freedom, several times during the month and even before the 15th. It's up to the company to define the maximum percentage that an employee can release.

How does Rosaly work for companies?

Thanks to our many partners, Rosaly adapts to your payroll and time and activity management tools. These integrations make the implementation of pay-as-you-go painless for all our corporate clients. With Rosaly, it no longer takes a single second to track and process requests for advance payment, and errors are avoided. Our technical teams are on hand to ensure that our solution is properly connected to your tools, and you benefit from dedicated support before, during and after implementation.