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With Rosaly, you can access your salary anytime, no need to wait the end of the month anymore.

Face unexpected financial issues with more freedom, no fees, no interest rate!

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Rosaly description

What is Rosaly ?

With Rosaly you can automized advance payment requests while keeping control and without impact on your cash flow. Save time and improve the well-being of your employees.

What is Rosaly objective ?

In France, two-thirds of households exceed their annual authorized overdraft, and this has a cost. Rosaly proposes two solutions at once : on demand pay and financial education. In short, a socially responsible alternative.

Why choose Rosaly ?

Our solution aims to offer a free alternative for employees. By implementing Rosaly, you will have a strong social impact and, therefore, reinforce your brand image.

Salary advance

What is a salary advance ?

A salary advance is a payment from the employer to the employee of a portion of the employee's monthly salary. The amount released corresponds to hours already worked. Article L.3242-1 of the French Labor Code stipulates that if the employee is normally paid monthly, he or she may request an advance payment corresponding to the fortnight (i.e. half of his or her monthly salary).

Is the salary advance a healthy solution ?

The advance payment is an excellent way for the employee to deal with a budgetary contingency. The employer, legally obliged to grant the request, must do so with good grace.

When and how to ask for a salary advance ?

The Labor Code allows an employee to request an advance payment once a month. In order to obtain 50% of his or her salary, the employee must therefore make his or her request after the 15th of the month. The employee wishing to obtain an advance on salary must formalize his request by post (preferable) or by e-mail. This procedure is greatly facilitated by Rosaly, as it is automated and instantaneous.

What are the two types of salary advance ?

The first salary advance, the one that is available through Rosaly, represents the hours already worked and earned by the employee. Another type of salary advance is regarded as a loan, in which the employee asks his company for a part of his futur salary. That request can be refused by the company.

Company - employee, how does it work ?

Is it free for the employee?

Yes, totally free. The service is paid by the employer in the form of a subscription.

Do you have to justify yourself when asking for a salary advance ?

The request does not need to be justified or formally submitted to the manager. The employee has access to his or her salary in real time and can make an advance payment up to the amount available, displayed on the interface.

Can your employer refuse a salary advance request ?

The employer cannot refuse a salary advance request. However, it has access to all the requests via an interface, and can block a user if it considers that the latter is abusing the service.

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