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Rosaly : Give superpowers to your employees' salaries.

The power of flexibility at the service of the attractiveness of your business.

Your employees will gain autonomy and flexibility, you give your job offers greater attractiveness.

Your employees benefit from the salary on demand via our application, you discover the power of installments and their automation.

Your employees want more purchasing power, you give them the power to deal with hazards.

The power of financial empowerment to really benefit from your salary.

Your employees have access to financial advisers at no cost to them, you will be able to redirect them to them without any doubt.

Your employees are supported and have the power to make better financial decisions, you will bring your social policy into a new era.

Your employees have the power to reduce their financial stress, you have all the cards in your hands to better retain them.

Financial empowerment

What is financial empowerment?

To be financially empowered is to have the necessary knowledge to make the right financial decisions. It means having the tools and support to better manage your budget, deal with the unexpected, avoid over-indebtedness and save to better plan yourself in your life projects. To empower yourself financially is to change your relationship with money. It is to be freer.

How does Rosaly support employees in their financial empowerement?

Rosaly supports employees through a system that includes:

- An on-demand salary solution: to release part of your salary and avoid bank fees

- An anti-overdraft shield: to protect yourself from bank fees and then, consumer loans

- A team of experts: to be accompanied and find answers to all your money questions

- A tool for categorizing expenses: To comb through your expenses and better manage your budget

- A Social Aid Simulator: to detect and test your eligibility for more than 900 social benefits

- A solution to facilitate savings:
to anticipate and build future life projects

Why do businesses have an important role to play in the financial empowerment of employees?

In France, 53% of French people feel that they do not have enough financial knowledge to make good decisions.

There are no financial education courses during school, which is the case in particular in other countries (learning to manage your pocket money in primary school, how to talk to a banker in high school...)

And even if the State and the Banque de France publish a lot of resources, you need to have time to look for information and set up an action plan... without support.

The company is the issuer of the first source of income: the salary. It has the legitimacy and the power to support French people on the path to financial emancipation. Through CSR, the company must become an instrument of social justice.

Especially since financial stress has a direct impact on the company: disengagement, turnover, drop in productivity, financial stress has an economic impact on the company.

salary advance

What is a salary advance?

A salary advance is an advance payment from the employer to the employee of a portion of their monthly remuneration. The amount released corresponds to hours of work already completed. Article L.3242-1 of the French Labor Code states that if the employee is normally paid monthly, he may request an advance payment corresponding to a fortnight (i.e. half of his monthly salary).

Is a salary advance a solution?

For the employee, a salary advance is an excellent way to deal with an unexpected budget. The employer, legally required to grant his request, must do so with good grace.

When and how to request a salary advance?

The French Labor Code allows the employee to request an advance payment from salary once a month. To obtain 50% of his salary, he must therefore apply after the 15th of the month. An employee wishing to obtain an advance payment on salary must formalize his request by post (preferable) or by e-mail. This process is greatly facilitated through Rosaly, as it is automated and instantaneous.

Deposit or advance, what's the difference?

The advance payment refers to hours of work already completed. The salary advance relates to future hours of work. Not provided for by the Labor Code, the wage advance may therefore be refused by the employer. When the employer accepts the payment of an advance on salary, it is generally reimbursed gradually.

Employee-employer, how does that work?

Is it free for employees?

Yes completely free. The service is paid for by the employer.

Do you have to justify your request for a salary advance with Rosaly?

The request must neither be justified nor formulated formally to the manager. The employee has access to his salary in real time and can pay himself a deposit up to the amount available, displayed on his interface.

Can an employer refuse to pay a salary advance with Rosaly?

The employer cannot refuse an advance in real time. However, it has access to all requests via an interface, and can block a user if it considers that the user is abusing the service.