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Rosaly give superpower to French people's salaries.

The power of financial empowerment can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of French people.

Giving the French access to their salary on-demand puts an end to difficult month-ends, overdraft fees, and the need for consumer credit.
Supporting them in their budgetary issues by offering, for the first time, unlimited access to experts who can answer all their questions and guide them according to their situations.
Giving everyone the power to make better financial decisions, the power to stop suffering, the power to anticipate, to realize their projects.

The power to make the company an engine of social justice.

Strengthening business’ social policies by helping them support their employees' financial health.
By offering autonomy and flexibility, businesses increase employee engagement and retain their employees; they also enhance their appeal.
Companies have the power to push the boundaries, to reduce employees' financial stress, to enable them to find answers, to lead them to financial emancipation.



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How can I get Rosaly as an individual?

The Rosaly scheme is provided to employees by their employers. If you've received an invitation e-mail, it's because your HR team is offering you the solution. If your HR team hasn't yet taken the plunge and you'd like Rosaly, the best way to get it is to talk to them!

What does Rosaly's solution include?

Our solution enables employees to access their salary in advance, when they need it. It also includes a social aid simulator, enabling employees to test their eligibility for over 900 forms of aid, and to find out how to take advantage of them. There's also the option of being put in touch with a team of experts, so you can ask all your money-related questions without any judgment. Rosaly also offers an overdraft protection shield, a tool for categorizing expenses, and other features we're currently working on.

How does Rosaly work for companies?

Thanks to our many partners, Rosaly adapts to your payroll and time and activity management tools. These integrations make the implementation of pay-as-you-go painless for all our corporate clients. With Rosaly, it no longer takes a single second to track and process requests for advance payment, and errors are avoided. Our technical teams are on hand to ensure that our solution is properly connected to your tools, and you benefit from dedicated support before, during and after implementation.

What is Rosaly's goal?

Our objective is to provide solutions that enable employees to deal with the unexpected, avoid overdraft and bank fees, and resorting to consumer credit, but that's not all. Our goal is also to support companies in developing their employees' financial empowerment, so that they can make better financial decisions, and give them more freedom over what they earn. For companies, our aim is to help them develop their social policy, increase their attractiveness and reduce turnover.