Take back control of your finances!

Rosaly allows you to access part of your salary before the end of the month, free of charge.
Face financial hardships with greater freedom, with no fees or interest rates.


  • Save money

    Earned-wage pay helps to avoid indebtedness
    by offering an alternative to overdrafts and consumer loans

  • Improve your finances management

    Thanks to a greater flexibility, you can now control your finances

  • Get rid of financial stress

    And find financial serenity, an integral part of your well-being

Rosaly manages everything

On-demand pay

  • Available salary
  • 1 click on-demand pay
  • Instant transfer

Budget management

  • Anti-Overdraft Shield
  • Accurate available balance
  • Financial education

Financial ressources

  • Aid simulator
  • Automatic savings
  • Interest-bearing savings
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What our users say about us

I have already used it several times, in case
of unexpected expenses
it's really practical

Edwige J.

It helped me get rid of a lot of stress,
because now I have a solution if I need it.

Ali B.

I will use Rosaly to pay for my
vacation this summer

Mohammed E.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free for the employee?

Yes, the company pays for Rosaly. Employees can make as many down payment requests as they wish, within the limit of the unlockable percentage set by the employer. One paid feature exists, for employees who need to instantly receive the money in their bank account, and which allows us to cover the cost of this option.

When and how to request on-demand pay?

Legally, an employee must wait until the 15th of the current month to request it. With Rosaly, he can apply at any time, from the first day worked in the month. To do this, all they have to do is connect to their Rosaly personal space via the mobile application or the dedicated internet portal.

What’s the difference between a salary advance and earned wage payment?

"An earned wage request is the advance payment of part of your monthly remuneration. It’s different from an advance on salary, since the sum paid to you by your employer corresponds to the remuneration of the work that you have already done." (source: economie.gouv.fr)

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