Rosaly: On demand pay for financial freedom

Rosaly gives you the opportunity to automatically manage advance payment requests and to offer your employees a financial management tool, without any impact on your cash flow.
Save time and boost the comfort of your employees.

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Image montrant l'application, très simple, permettant de voir son salaire en temps réel et se verser un acompte.

On-demand pay is the best way to reduce the financial stress felt by your employees


of French people cannot afford a 500€ emergency

€7 Billions

Every year French people spend €7bn in overdraft fees and interests


of French people want to be paid several times a month

The happier your employees, the healthier your company

Lower turnover

Offer your team a simple solution and empower them to face financial hardships.

Improve your brand image

Attract the best talents by showing them you care.

Save time

Our solution is integrated into your payroll system and automated. As we all know, time is money, and with Rosaly, you'll be saving both!

Increase team productivity

Free your employees from the burden of financial stress. Let them focus on what really matters.

Des salariés heureux au travail maintenant qu'ils utilisent Rosaly. Get in touch

A simple solution adaptable for all companies

Le backoffice employeur, avec une vue globale du nombre d'acomptes débloqués dans le mois

Keep it all under control with an easy-to-use platform.

  • Choose your settings and let Rosaly take care of the rest.
  • View the payment requests in real time.
  • Access each employee's request history.
  • Follow the evolution of your team's well-being in just one click!
Le backoffice employeur, avec une vue globale du nombre d'acomptes débloqués dans le mois

Help your team have quick and easy access to their earned pay.

Our mobile or web app allows employees to view their earned salary in real time and request the desired amount in just one click.

Rosaly, the fintech with a true social impact

Afnor Certifiée B-Corp Finance Innovation Tech For Good France

They trust us

Logo Swoopin

Employee well-being is an integral part of Swoopin's DNA. Thanks to Rosaly, they won't have to resort to bank overdrafts or consumer loans.

Benjamin Bourdeau, Co-founder

Logo Smart Traffik

Smart TraffiK liberates its organization by emphasizing collective intelligence and the well-being of its vital forces. Rosaly represents an asset in this strategy by allowing everyone to gain financial autonomy.

Laurent Simonin, CEO

Logo Bio

Rosaly does simplify relations with employees, and that's much better. It makes it possible to get out of the infernal circle of debt very easily and with a practical tool.

Charles de Bailliencourt, CEO

Rosaly in the press

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