Rosaly handles everything: digitalization, security and funding

Save admin time, and don't worry! We can integrate to any payroll software.

On demand pay, digitalized and easy to use, perfect solution for you and your employees

Today, in order to face financial hardships, an overwhelming number of French employees resort to loans or simply end up in negative. This frequently leads to large debts.

At Rosaly, we're fighting against predatory debts.

Advance payment is a right for every employee. With Rosaly the company lets the employee access part of its earned salary throughout the month. It is the best way to face financial hardships and unexpected expenses.

As of today, accessing your earned wage is:


Set up is hard and cumbersome for companies


The process is too slow and requires a lot of effort


It is often intimidating for employees to request their pay earlier in the month

On-demand pay with Rosaly


The process is fully digitalized and automated


The employee receives the requested amount immediately, since Rosaly provides the funds

At fingertips reach

Process is as quick as a single tap in our app

How does it work?

compatibilité avec les logiciels de paie

Rosaly is compatible with most payment tools and platforms.

comptabilité friendly

It's painlessly and fully integrated into your paycheck process!

prise en charge de la trésorerie

Rosaly provides the funds for earned wage payment requests.

implémentation transparente pour vous

We can integrate to any payroll software.

la sécurité, une priorité

Privacy & Security is our priority!

  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Everything is encrypted following high-end security standards
  • We are regularly audited by an independent information system to keep us to date
  • Hosted in France, with the best and latest security technologies on the market

Discover our rates

The offer


per employee & per month


for employees

*Starting at 3€ | Depending on the size of the company



10 000

Cost of absenteeism

3 051 000€

Employees facing financial stress


Savings done with Rosaly

649 000€

It's now easy for your employees to manage their money

Expenses management

Visible end of month balance

Real-time deposit instantly available

Advice on managing expenses and down payment requests

Des salariés heureux au travail maintenant qu'ils utilisent Rosaly.

They support us

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free for the employee?

Yes, the company pays for Rosaly. Employees can make as many down payment requests as they wish, within the limit of the unlockable percentage set by the employer. One paid feature exists, for employees who need to instantly receive the money in their bank account, and which allows us to cover the cost of this option.

When and how to request on-demand pay?

Legally, an employee must wait until the 15th of the current month to request it. With Rosaly, he can apply at any time, from the first day worked in the month. To do this, all they have to do is connect to their Rosaly personal space via the mobile application or the dedicated internet portal.

What’s the difference between a salary advance and earned wage payment?

"An earned wage request is the advance payment of part of your monthly remuneration. It’s different from an advance on salary, since the sum paid to you by your employer corresponds to the remuneration of the work that you have already done." (source:

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